The Story That The Set Of The Shape Of Water Tells

Megan Oosthuizen


Guillermo del Toro, a renowned director and storyteller, is known for his masterful work and attention to detail, using everything from colour and lighting to costume design to tell a story.

There are so many stunning details in the movie that have been overlooked, each of which come together to tell a story of their own that only enhances the plot of The Shape of Water.

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water follows Elisa, a mute woman in 1962, working as a cleaner in a government lab. She quickly forms a unique bond with a humanoid amphibian creature, exploring the possibility of love and happiness despite their communication barriers.

Elisa, del Toro, and a Tiny Baltimore Apartment

Many of the production hands on the film have happily discussed the crucial role of details in and around Elisa's apartment in shaping the narrative of the film, from it being situated above a movie theatre to the dirt on the big arched window in the background.

Specific colours and light were used to tell their own story, like greens and blues symbolising water, red for life, love, and death, and even the lack of warmth in Elisa's life depicted by her sleeping on a couch in her own home.

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