The Notebook House - An Icon of Cinema Romance

Caryn Ganess


The iconic white house with blue shutters in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook serves as a central symbol (and practically a main character), playing an invaluable role in the love story.

The old, run-down house by the water undergoes a dramatic transformation as Noah dedicates himself to recreating Allie's dream, a symbol of his unwavering love.

The house is eventually complete with a white exterior, blue shutters, a room that overlooks the river, and, of course, the "big ol' porch wrapped around the entire house".

The captivating house is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that embodies the romantic ideals of the movie, and is a real property located at 204 Martins Point Road on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolna.

The Beautiful Notebook House

The home is a part of the Martins Point Plantation - an exclusive community spanning 900 acres along the waterfront. This is very different from the fictional setting of New Bern, North Carolina.

Imagine yourself on the porch, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, taking in the tranquil sunset over the nearby lake of this stunning 1875 property. While the interior of the movie was filmed elsewhere, the exterior is truly unforgettable.

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