Would You Live On This Plane?

Megan Oosthuizen


As AI continues to advance, turning imaginative home concepts into a reality has become more accessible. Architects and designers like Maria Dudkina can showcase their brilliant ideas in concepts like the Aerodrome Home.

The Exterior

The Aerodrome Home, set against a snowy backdrop, features a modern black and gold colour scheme, seamlessly blending concrete, metal and glass with a repurposed aeroplane.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom is ingeniously located in the plane's cockpit, featuring expansive windows that capture the frosted mountain views, and even repurposes the pilot's chairs as a headboard to keep the repurposed roots of the home.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is strategically located at the back of the plane, offering privacy to tenants and visitors to enjoy the cosy interior of the home and scenic surroundings. Large windows and plush bedding highlights the theme of the luxury dwelling.

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