Maximize Your Small Apartment: Top 10 Space-Saving Tips

Tafadwa Njovana


As children, we often dream of the grand homes that we hope to have, but reality has different plans. While you can still shoot for that lavish dream home, here are 10 ways to transform a small space into a cosy and functional environment.

1. Hang up some mirrors and use light colours

Never underestimate the power of light!

2. Go Vertical

Maximize your floor space by making use of walls, windows and ceilings for storage and decor.

3. Divide, divide, divide

Establishing separations in a small space with curtains, screens, or rugs for extra cosiness.

4. Minimalism wins

Enhance the spacious and clean appearance of a small space by adopting minimalism and quality over quantity.

Having items or furniture that serve more than one function is an instant space saver.

5. Can you say 'multifunctional'?

Follow the link below to learn more about how to make the best use of space in a small apartment.